Everyday car rental

Car in shop, but you need to drive? Are you searching for quick and reasonable rental car?
Everyday car rental is the most common car rental type. Sinurent offers the best price on car rental market in Estonia. Our cars are always in very good condition and aesthetically presentable.
While our website features fixed price list for every car, one cannot evaluate every reservation with fixed prices. Thus, we always look of over each reservation with critical eye, to evaluate each reservation, so You the customer get the best personalized car rental experience.
You can review our cars and prices at Cars page.


Transfer service is the best solution for moving foreign quests.
When looking for the simplest solution to your transportation or for a larger group, the transfer service is just for you! Transfer service represents a transfer from the location A to B, meaning a specific route.
Sinurent offers cars just for your specific transfer service. For larger groups, minibus Renault Traffic and for maximum of three people, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
All cars are in very good condition and with all the comforts.

One-way rent

One-way rent is a comfortble solution to reaching your destination, on your own schedule.
One-way rent offers you the option to travel comfortably drive from location A to B. Make stops are your own schedule and sightsee.
In case of one-way rent, it is nessasry to agree before, where the car will be dropped off. Definetley should be considered, that one-way rent is subject to mileage and drop-off fees.
To get the most optimal breakdown of prices, contact us.

Long-term car rental meaning Mini-lease

Wish a long-term car rental solution, without the excessive burdens of car lease?
Sinurent offers long-term car rental solution meaning mini-lease. Mini-lease means, that You will choose your own car, sign a rental contract with us and we will take all the burdens that come with leasing a car.
Mini-lease is the best choice, if Your work demands You to drive around, but You do not wish to make long-term obligations in Estonia. Mini-lease works on monthly payments. You can choose your own extra-services, with Mini-lease.
Contact us to get more information on Mini-lease.