Terms of sales

Required documents
Prior to renting a vehicle, the Lessee shall present one personal identification document and a valid driving licence, the copies of which shall remain to Sinurent OÜ together with a copy of the Rental Agreement.

The excess of the Lessee in case of an accident (CDW) is 400 EUR and in case of theft (TP) 15% of the cost of the vehicle.

Mileage limitation
Passenger vehicles: A mileage limitation of 300km/day and no more than 4000km/month applies to passenger vehicles
Minivans:  A mileage limitation of 400km/day and no more than 6000km/month applies to minivans
Upon violation of these limitations, an additional fee of 0.10 EUR/km is charged.

Upon renting a vehicle, the Lessee shall pay a deposit in the amount of 200- 400 EUR (depending on the value of the car) !
The deposit is charged by means of a pre-authorisation transaction on the credit card of the Lessee (or the Lessee makes a bank transfer in the required amount onto the bank account of the Rental Company). The deposit is returned when the Lessee has returned the Vehicle and the Rental Company has no further claims against the Lessee.
The Rental Company reserves the right to require a deposit larger than 400 EUR.

Vehicle delivery
Vehicle pick up: Tallinn Airport 15.00EUR
Vehicle drop off: Tallinn Airport 15.00EUR
Vehicle delivery in limits of Tallinn 10.00EUR
Other places in agreement !

Service out of office hours 15.00EUR (working hours are Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00)
Service on National Holiday and on Sunday 15.00EUR (on Saturday we will not serve)
All prices include the value added tax of 20%.

In case of a fine, we will automatically add special-condition-tax to it of 26%. This is required by the laws of Estonia. In case the fine damages the intrests of the company, extra charges may be included.

Territory of use
Vehicles of Sinurent OÜ can be used in Estonia and, based on a written permit of the Rental Company, in Europe, except CIS, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia.

Condition of the vehicle
The vehicle is delivered to the Lessee with a filled fuel tank, washed, and in a good technical condition. Upon receiving a vehicle, you are advised to inspect it carefully and demand the entry of all damages (including paintwork scrapings) into the lease contract, as otherwise you may become liable for the vehicle’s damages which were present already before.

Other issues
Sinurent OÜ has the right to refuse to lease a vehicle.
Sinurent OÜ reserves the right to amend the terms of sale and prices.
Upon renting a vehicle, these terms of sale and the general terms of the Rental Agreement apply to the Lessee.
All prices include the value added tax of 20%
Information (+372) 50 888 10 or info@sinurent.ee